Sunday, September 14, 2014

Peace and quiet and EXCITEMENT!

I'm a girl usually surrounded with noise and confusion.  That's usually the way I like it.  Really.  However, i gotta' say....I'm loving this peace and quiet today.  My daughters are at their father's home; my and my husband's son is at church and my hubby is sleeping.  Ahhhhhhh.  The remote control is ALL MINE.  Guess what?  I'm not watching TV!  No music, no Facebook.....just me and my blog.

I'm in the final stages of preparing for my husband's and my trip to Europe.  Hotels are reserved, plane fare purchased, passports ordered....just have to finish paying for the Eurail pass and the registration for the class reunion.  It's going to be a tight squeeze, but that's okay.  I'll be "squeezing" in Europe.

Day one through 3:  Budapest - a forbidden city to my husband and I when we lived in Germany in the mid '80's.  I've never been to Hungary and understand from my reading that it is completely unique to most Eastern European countries.

Day 3-5:  Prague.  I had the pleasure of visiting it in 2006.  This time it's extra special because my friend, Subin Cho lives there and owns a sushi restaurant.  I promised when she left for Korea in 2012 that I would see her again.  I never realized it would be this soon and certainly not in Prague.

Day 6-9:  Berlin.  Twenty-Fifth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and class reunion.  So excited to see my husband's face when we exit the bahnhof to a whole new city.  I am honored to have been a tiny part of the history of this ancient city and have the opportunity to celebrate this anniversary there.

Day 10-11:  Overnight train back to Budapest and flight home.  I haven't been on an overnight train since my days as a Berlin Brat and the Duty Train.  I am looking forward to this journey.

The following three months:  Putting the finishing touches on my book so I can release it three months following the trip.  I think my biggest challenge in this area is finding the time to write.  I will probably be on 24 hour call for the three weeks upon my return....and I will want to catch up with my kidlets and enjoy them - and of course, Christmas and Thanksgiving....  I am a determined sort, so I'm certain I will figure it out somehow.  I will be keeping a journal for the entire trip and possibly recording some of it for posterity (let's face it, I will be videotaping a lot).

I can't help but think that this trip will be a turning point of some kind for me.  Call it a premonition - or mistaken expectation; only time will tell.  I do know this:  this will the the last big trip for a while.  My folks are experiencing some health challenges that will not go away and I'm choosing to stay close by and only go on short jaunts during this time.  I will make the most of this adventure.

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