Friday, September 19, 2014

My Experience in Weed After the Fire

I work for a restoration company.  We clean up fire and smoke damage, mold, biohazard, water damage and many things no one wants to clean.  Sometimes, when catastrophic events occur we go to help out afterwards.  I was blessed to be part of a storm response to the small town of Weed, CA.  I always knew I loved what I do, but

I met so many incredible people...friendly, giving, kind.  The devastation here was like stepping into a war movie.  Whole blocks, just leveled.  Then, a house here, there a house, there charred remains.  I was overwhelmed and at the same time, hopeful for this little town.

That hope blossomed after helping out at a community barbeque put on by Mt. Shasta Resort and a team of dedicated volunteers.  I happened to see the flyer posted at the local diner and called the fellow who was spearheading the event, Casey Day.  I offered my services to serve food to the townsfolk and help in any way I could.  I was thrilled when he accepted my offer.

All my years of Relay for Life could not prepare me for the emotions that flooded over me this evening.  People sharing their stories....the outpouring of support and love to one another was ineffable.  I stayed until the end - helped with schlepping cases of sodas and waters left over after feeding hundreds of people.  As we packed up, I heard Casey say there was still enough food left over to do it again!  Phenomenal!

I have really come to love this town.  As I leave tomorrow morning to go home to my family, I take with me all the hugs, kisses and camaraderie of a small town with a huge heart and leave a part of mine here.  God bless you, Weed, CA.  I will see you again.

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