Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Writing Journey 3.12.14

Today I met with my editor,  I haven't written a book yet, and I know I have several struggling to get out of my brain.  It was an exciting meeting.  I laughed, I cried - all in the process of discussing my ideas, my family, my life as a military brat (child of military parents, sometimes referred to as "Third Culture Kids") and
what I hope to accomplish with this particular book.

Suddenly I realized that this project must come to fruition.  I simply HAS TO BE.  I am a passionate person, and once I harness that passion, I can do anything.

We discussed a forward - and who I would like to write it...testimonials and those particular individuals that I would like to contribute their thoughts.  The photographs - what works and what doesn't; what's economical and necessary and what can be posted on a website for my readers to interact.  (Guess I will be needing a website...)

I was amazed and pleased with how quickly the book could go from transcript to editing to publishing - four weeks from transcript to published.  Fantastic!  My goal is to have the final transcript by the end of February 2015.  I think that may be a little ambitious given that it is my first book, however, that passion again....I'm certain that passion will fuel the book.

You may have noticed my Blog is called "Bratalicious".  Clever?  Maybe....cliche?  Uh, yes.....but the most clever for what was available to me that was also palatable.

My first step is this blog.  Perhaps the reader would like to take this journey with me......or perhaps not.  Either way, it is a stepping stone to the final product; however it may turn out.  I'm looking to put a new spin on Brat points of view - at least, I hope to accomplish that, and I hope to write my book as a travel log or travel book.

There are many military brats out there and many of them are writing.  I think we are compelled to write.  We have had a unique experience in our lives and our numbers are dwindling.  My book shall explore a little of that "brat culture", a little bit of Cold War History and a little sight seeing.

I will probably have WAY more blogs than I chose to publish.  Just sitting and writing this today is liberating me, so I imagine I will use this tool frequently, albeit often poorly.  But I am proud of what I have accomplished today and that counts!


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of publishing...

  2. Yay congratulations. ?.....don't know how to follow this tho....

  3. This was a fun and exciting meeting. An awesome idea from a wonderful person. Stay tuned...

  4. Thank you,, Veronica Hale and Wendy VanHatten!!!

  5. Congratulations on your first steps to being a published author. The road will be long and arduous but rewarding! I will be following you closely and hope to be inspired by your blog and book!!! Good Luck, we will be there in Spirit to cheer you on.

  6. As someone commented earlier: welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! It can be daunting at times, as you 'find your voice' and put ideas out there for the whole world to see, ponder, scrutinize and possibly even reject! However, in this age it is the best start to writing a book. I wish you all the best in your new venture!

    1. Thank you, Yoshika. I respect your opinion and covet your encouragement.

  7. Thank you, Gerry! I appreciate your support.

  8. How true, I love to wrote! Mrs Payne encouraged me, Charlotte Wood prayed for me and edits my words, and Mr. Leonard taught me history so well, research is second nature! Writing is like breathing. I will follow your blog and best success on your writing. I have a blog on my website for budding writers, so they can avoid some of the things that tripped me up. It's called 'I Write. Do U Write 2?' at Best of Success!

  9. Thanks, Trisha! I will be honored to follow your blog. Thank you for the valuable insight!

  10. Hi, Trisha! Just picked up your amazon book. I will definitely rate it for you on Amazon. :-)